Panopto is a web application and can be accessed from any computer with network internet connection. All GTIIT students can log in and watch GTIIT recorded lectures. The system provides an advanced interface for watching videos, including different video play speed, split screen for slides and lecturer and other useful features.

Along with Moodle, Technion Grades system & Mobile App and other resources, GTIIT IT department is promoting an advanced and effective e-learning environment for its students.

Dynamic Videos Catalog

You can easily check the available courses and new videos in this catalog that will be automatically updated once a day - Panopto Catalog



In order to log in the system, navigate in your web browser to – Panopto - GTIIT.

In Panopto login page, select “GTIIT Office 365” as user sign-in method and click “Sign in”.



You shall be re-directed to GTIIT office 365 “Single Sign-On” web page. Use your GTIIT full e-mail address and password.

Landing Page

After successfully login, you will be re-directed to Panopto into “Courses” folder. Inside this folder, you will find all the available recorded courses. Future lectures that will be recorded will be also located in this folder.

You may select the relevant course and click on the folder in order to see the list of available videos.




You can perform a search inside the folder or sort the list according to Name / Date etc.


Video Page

Once found the relevant video, you can click on it in order to start watching the video and enjoy the different features the platform supports right beneath the main slides screen.


Technion separate Panopto system is also accessible for GTIIT students, you will need to use your Technion account & password to access it. Link - Panopto Technion

Panopto "Get Started" videos - you will need to use your GTIIT account & password to access it - Get Started Videos

Panopto official documentation - 

For questions regarding the content itself, please contact the UG office –

For any technical question regarding the system usage, you may submit a request in GTIIT helpdesk portal -

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