Before you start batch upload feedback files, it’s assumed that you have already download the submissions of the assignments. If you haven’t, follow the steps below to perform the operation.

  1. Login as a teacher and "Download all submissions" (From the dropdown menu above the grading table).


  1. Extract all the files from the zip file.
  2. Edit the document (add comments) and save it. Optionally you can remove the downloaded files in the folder and add other feedback files to the folders for students.

Continue to batch upload feedback files by the following steps.

  1. Compress the folder hierarchy (keep the hierarchy same as when you downloaded) into a new zip file.
  2. Choose "Upload multiple files in a zip" from the dropdown menu above the grading table.


  3. Upload the new zip file.
  4. You should see that there is one new feedback file - click "Confirm" to save the files.
  5. Verify that a student can see the feedback files and they are the correct files.