For your convenience we introduce Technion Mobile App for inquire regarding your final grades.

Technion mobile app is a user-friendly application with English and Chinese interface. It will allow you inquire regarding your final grades as well as your average in each semester

Note! Only the grades section is relevant for GTIIT students. Other information is not relevant and not necessarily correct.

In order to login and use the application, your Technion account must be activated. 

When login the application use your Technion email account name (for example - qiu.fu@campus.technion.ac.il should use qiu.fu ) and the password you chose when activated the account (not the original secret code).

Please make sure you always use the most updated version of the app.

Download & Install

Apple – Search for “Technion” in App Store (In Hebrew you may see “טכניון”), download and install the application, choose the English / Chinese preferred language, and login with your Technion account credentials.

Android – Go to Technion mobile app for Android (APK) file for download

After login, click the Grades button for inquire regarding your final grades.

Note! The grades in the mobile app are the determined ones. Grades will be available in the app only after appeals period ended and the UG office released the grades.

For any question regarding your final grades, contact the UG office - us@gtiit.edu.cn

For any technical question regarding downloading / usage of the mobile app, you may submit a ticket - https://helpdesk.gtiit.edu.cn/ 

Kind Regards,

Information Technology Department