GTIIT-STU - Resources provided by Shantou University 


Wireless network GTIIT-STU is provided by Shantou University (STU), and subject to STU policies, daily traffic is restricted to 1.5GB.

How to connect to GTIIT-STU

1. After you select to connect to GTIIT-STU, the browser will automatically jump to the following login page, if it doesn't prompt up, please open a firefox browser and  go to to login your GTIIT user name and password.

2. Please use your GTIIT network account username and password to login.

3. In some cases you need a second-time login attempt. Please open the firefox browser and go to, at the following page please fill in your GTIIT account user name and password.



Access STU resources


Should you have any problem when connecting to wireless network GTIIT-STU, please contact