1. Adding a shared or role email account to Outlook  

There are several different ways to add additional mailboxes to your outlook account –the recommended method for this is listed below.  

Open Outlook and go to File, then Account Settings and choose Account Settings from the list. Select your primary account and click Change.  


Click on More Settings, select the Advanced tab, and then press the Add button and enter the address of the mailbox you have permission to open and click OK.   



Click OK on the dialogue box behind, then Next and Finish or click Apply and follow the process again to add another shared mailbox.  

Microsoft Outlook will now connect to the generic email account; it will show under the folder list in outlook. Please note Outlook will need time to synchronise the email account after it has been added.  

For information regarding how to use a shared or role mailbox in Outlook, please check this instruction https://support.office.com/en-us/article/open-and-useashared-mailbox-in-outlook-d94a8e9e-21f1-4240808bde9c9c088afd  


2. Open your department account in webmail

Open the web email page: https://outlook.office365.com , on the upper right corner of the page, click your name, and then click ‘Open another mailbox’, and input the department email account, click open.


Your department account will be opened in another page, here you can send and receive emails of the department account.

3. Adding your Technion email account  

Microsoft Outlook allows you to multiple email accounts in different organisations. You can configure Outlook to access your Technion email account after the above configurations.   

Open Outlook and go to File, then Account Settings and choose Account Settings from the list. Click New… to add a new email account.    


Type in your Technion account information, and then click Next.  


Outlook will then attempt to connect to the email server – this process may take a few minutes, so please be patient. During this step, you will see the following window with a moving bar:  


After a few minutes, you will see the window below, indicating that the profile has been successfully configured – Click the Finish button as highlighted below.  


If you see an error message instead of the above, please contact IT staff for support.  

You will then be asked to click OK to restart Outlook.   


Outlook will automatically configure the new settings (which may take a few seconds), you will then see the main Outlook Window appear with your GTIIT email and Technion email.