1. Open Outlook->Calendar

2.Add the meeting rooms in your calendar check list. At the ribbon, click Open calendar->From room list

You will see all the GTIIT meeting rooms listed. Select the rooms you would like to reserve and click Rooms, then click OK.


You can see the meeting rooms you selected are in your list and you can see the available & occupied time of the rooms.

3. Select a date, then click New meeting with all:

In the following email box, make sure the receiver is the meeting room which you would like to reserve. Set up the meeting time, fill in the meeting subject, click send

You will receive a feedback email from the reservation system like ‘Your request was accepted’ or ‘Your request was declined’ if the reservation is conflicted.


You can check all your schedule in your Outlook calendar as well as your cellphone calendar if you have configured your email account in your cellphone.


Thank you for your attention. Should you have any further questions? Please contact the IT Service Desk(https://helpdesk.gtiit.edu.cn).