Table of Contents

1.    Download the latest OneDrive Version

2.    Uninstall the assemble Microsoft OneDrive with OS.

3.    Install the latest OneDrive.

4.    Retrieve the files on any device which is installed OneDrive. 

5.    View your files online

6.    Share files with other users (Send email with large attachment by OneDrive) 


1. Download the latest OneDrive Version: 

     Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to download the attachment and install OneDrive or go to to download the latest version of OneDrive.


2.Install the latest OneDrive 

    Double click OneDriveSetup.exeto install

    The installing pops up



    Enter your account and sign in:


    Enter your password:

    Select the location:


    Sync your OneDrive files to this PC

     Find the folder of OneDrive-GTIIT in PC

3. View your files online

      Right-click the  icon at the taskbar on the low right corner of your desktop. Select view online. 


4. Share files with other users (Send email with large attachment by OneDrive)

  1. Upload files into OneDrive
  2. Choose a file which you would like to share and click "share” button. 
  3. Enter a name or Email address. Please note you can choose to share with all users or with specific people. Click Send, the system will automatically send out an email to the users.


Note: The maximum of Outlook email attachement is 60MB, the maximum of webmail attachment is 25MB. If you need to send out large attchment, you may use OneDrive shaing feature.


4.  Create a link that you can send via email, SMS, WeChat etc. to share with the user who has no Microsoft office account.


Thank you for your attention. Should you have any further questions? Please contact the IT Service Desk(