***This instruction also applies to any later MatLab versions, e.g. 2021, 2022, etc***

You can download Matlab 2020b here from GTIIT OneDrive. 

1.To use Matlab, you need to create your mathlab account, please click here and create an Mathworks account:

2. Verify your email address

Go to your GTIIT email box and click the link that MathWork sent you to verify your email address.

3.Now you have created the account and got a license linked to your account. Click Install Matlab online.

4.Select the system type and click to download the installer:

5.Open the matlab_R2020a_win64.exe file and start to install. Input the account and password that you registered. At the meantime go to your GTIIT email box to click the link that MathWork sent to you to Confirm MathWorks Account information.


6.Select a license and click Next.