• My technician logged in to one of the instruments in the core facility but I can't see it on when I log in to the system. Before the update of the system, I could see every usage of instrument at the core facility.
  • I tried to log in using the external sign on with no success. Can you explain the difference between the external and the SSO? Can someone have 2 ways to log in? Are these 2 different accounts? Is it better for the old users to keep using the external log in option?
  • All instruments require valid training and approval. Some of the instruments already have these restrictions and some of the users already have training records. Can you make sure that there will be no need to prepare new training records for the users who already have it?
  • I'm in charge of the biotechnology unit and not the materials engineering unit. Is there a way to separate it? Is it possible that I will see only the activity related to biotechnology?
  • Will I be able to prepare usage reports?
  • Will I be able to send email to all biotechnology users through the system?
  • Will I be able to log off users who forgot to log off from the instruments?
  • WIll I be able to restrict the usage of instruments, define usage hours etc.?





1. A lab technician cannot see the usage of another lab technician or users with higher permissions, such as admins. A lab technician can see only the usage of regular users.

2. External login means a user can login with his Bookit credentials, whereas SSO login requires the user to login with Active Directory credentials, which are your institute's credentials (for example user@gtiit.edu.cn). If you set up a user account with SSO credentials and a user account with external credentials, you basically have two separate accounts. 

  1. If the user already has valid training there is no need to produce a new record.
  2. - You can use the top filter to filter only for the biotechnology unit group. this way you will not see any information that is related to other groups.
  3. - What do you mean by usage report? you will be able to add usage records on behalf of users.
  4. - Lab technician will be able to send emails to all users.
  5. - Yes lab technicians will be able to log off user usage.
  6. - No, the usage restriction is performed through the admin panel the lab technician has no access to the admin panel.


If you have a user who has difficulty logging in or passing a join request to admin/user group manager, please send us the user's details and which group he/she is trying to join and we will be happy to assist you.  

Kind regards,


Oren Avni

Support Engineer