1. Turn on the computer

Figure 1

  1. As shown in Figure 1, click the no.1 button to turn on the computer which is on the desk. 
  2. Press the no.2 button to connect to the screen, then log in with your GTIIT account on the computer.

2. Turn on the power of the screen(TV)

     You need to press the button shown in Figure 2 to turn on the TV if needed:


Figure 2

3. Connect a laptop to the screen

  1. You may use the HDMI cable to connect to your laptop.
  2.  Press the button shown in Figure 3 to switch the input source.


Figure 3


Note: Once you connect to your laptop, you should stop using the video conferencing system (the camera and the speaker in the meeting room).

4. How to use the Video Conferencing System

         1. For a meeting, the microphone & speaker is the facility located on the desk as Figure 4

         2. You can mute/unmute the microphone, adjust the microphone volume by pressing these buttons on the microphone & speaker device.


Figure 4


        3. The camera is installed on the top of the screen, you can adjust the shooting angle of the camera by using the remote-control device as Figure 5.

Figure 5

5. How to use Zoom Video Conferencing Software

  1. Open the zoom software in the computer.
  2. If you just need to join the meeting, click “Join a Meeting” and enter meeting ID.
  3. If you need to create a zoom meeting room, please click “Sign in” and then “Sign in with SSO”, after that enter your company domain as “gtiit”.
  4. Then log in with your GTIIT account.