Dear Graduates,


We hope you have been enjoying your new chapter after graduating from GTIIT.


GTIIT offers you a free alumni email account for business correspondence as well as for staying in touch with institute academics and friends. The alumni email address is easy to remember because it is based on your GTIIT student email but added with the word ‘alumni’. For example, becomes


When will this change happen?

We have scheduled to carry out this change on Monday, 17 Jan 2022.


What’s the impact?

If you have left GTIIT, your access to online services, such as Moodle, Panopto, Zoom, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and others, will be revoked. Also, your personal documents stored in “OneDrive for Business” associated with your GTIIT account will be deleted and not recoverable.


For those who continue studying or work at GTIIT, there will be no change to your GTIIT network account but receiving the alumni email address as an alias.


What should I do?

For those who left GTIIT, your incumbent email address will be downgraded as an alias but still be able to receive emails. In addition, a full Microsoft Office365 license will be replaced by a graduate license that includes a 50GB mailbox only – its capacity and availability are subject to Microsoft 365 service agreement.

  • You should move personal documents from GTIIT-provided “OneDrive for Business” to a location that you manage, such as a local drive, a USB drive or another “OneDrive for Business”. For more information on syncing OneDrive to your device, please refer to Sync OneDrive files and folders.
  • Starting from 18 Jan 2022, access your alumni email on by logging in with
  • If you have installed any software on your personal computer under the University licence (such as Solidworks, MATLAB, Foxit PDF, OrginLab), you will have to remove or replace this software license from your machine.
  • If you need technical assistance, we recommend you contact the IT services provided by your new university or employer. 


What about my Technion email?

Your Technion account is downgraded to Microsoft Office 365 A1(free) as upon graduation. Additionally, the is prohibited to be used as a secondary SMTP to an alumni student. For more information, please visit


Should you have any questions about this change, please feel free to drop us a message.


All the best,


IT Department, GTIIT